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Blackberry 9900 :: Blackberry bold 9900 UK

Blackberry 9900

RIM hasn’t really come up with any epic smartphones in the last year or two but they have consistently produced some mediocre handsets targeted toward the business community. The PlayBook is the first device to break the mould, but unfortunately RIM’s latest flagship device, the BlackBerry 9900, is nothing worth shouting about.
Of course, the specs have been bettered with BlackBerry OS 7, a new 1.2GHz ARM processor, 720p HD video recording, 768MB of RAM and 8GB expandable memory. The 9900 also comes sporting a touchscreen interface in addition to the usual full Qwerty keyboard; No other Bold has had a touch screen which is what makes this handset an appealing option.

Blackberry 9900 Looks

Blackberry 9900

In terms of raw aesthetics the Blackberry 9900 is keeping very much in line with the rest of the Bold family, particularly the 9000 but there are a few design notable differences worth mentioning. The blackberry 9900 has a chic looking chrome bezel that lines the outer edges of the device. It’s also the thinnest BlackBerry device RIM has ever produced and it feels solid to hold. RIM have opted for a woven glass back panel, which also add to the chicness.

Display & Touchscreen

RIM have kitted the Blackberry 9900 with a highly responsive 2.8-inch, 640x480 pixel screen that we really loved, despite its small size because we found it found to be clear, bright and crisp. The Balckberry 9900 comes with a very easy to use track-pad which makes using the touch screen much easier when it comes to selecting hard to touch web links when browsing the net.

Blackberry 9900 Power

Blackberry 9900

RIM has really upped the ante this time round with the BlackBerry 9900. The new addition of a 1.2GHz ARM with 768MB of RAM sounds quite impressive but what does this mean for you?
1.2GHz in on the BlackBerry OS is a huge leap, it makes the OS feel more modern and Definitely in terms of performance, its fast and smooth and keeps the Blackberry 9900 in the same game league as some of the more high end android devices.
BlackBerry 7 on the Blackberry 9900.
The Blackberry 9900 is the first phone to come with the new Blackberry 7 OS, RIM’s latest operating system. It’s quite similar to BlackBerry 6 but with a few minor tweaks such as support for NFC the Facebook app, a digital compass, an accelerometer and a proximity sensor. With OS7 you also get the option of turning off home screens that if you don’t use a certain home screen panel, you can switch it off.’ Unfortunately, you can’t add new panels which is a tiny problem because these days we all love customizing our phones.
The speed and fluidity of the phone might partially result from the OS itself being more efficient than before but we aren’t sure. It might just be down to the new processor.

Blackberry 9900 conclusion

The BlackBerry 9900 is an impressive device. It’s got brilliant spec, it looks chic and has some cool new features including a touchscreen, and that all-important Qwerty keyboard. So if you like BlackBerry, you’ll no doubt be in bowled over with this latest addition to RIM’s bold family and you should definately buy Blackberry 9900 when it is released. We certainly like what we saw when examining the Blackberry 9900 for this review and so did most of our colleagues that we spoke to.

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